Iconic artist Lil Mama searching for talented young people to join a new dance crew

Niatia Kirkland, better known as “Lil Mama,” is giving back in a major way, recruiting talented young people to join a dance crew where they’ll learn not only dance, but important life skills. 
Lil Mama is best known for her hit song “Lip Gloss” and is now on a mission to find new young dancers for her crew just a few steps away from where that video was filmed.  
“We’re recruiting crews from all around the city,” said Lil Mama. “We’re going to help you tighten up your moves… we’re looking for raw New York energy, swag, facial expressions, cocky attitude.” 
The Brooklyn-born rapper is looking to form crews in each borough through open auditions, all while promoting fitness and mental health.  
Deyante Corbin from Bed-Stuy learned about the auditions that took place on Wednesday night through social media and couldn’t contain his excitement.  
“Beyond thankful… not many opportunities come to New York, so when an opportunity comes, you have to go for it,” said Corbin.  
For those who make the cut, they’ll need to stay on beat, as each group from their respective borough will be battling it out in December for a cash prize.