Iconic Midwood pizza shop shut down once again

One of New York City's most iconic pizzerias has been shut down but the government.
Di Fara Pizza in Midwood has a history of being temporarily shut down. In the past it was for health code violations, but this time it is for unpaid back taxes.
The development drew plenty of attention within the community, with many passers by stopping to examine the notice left on the window.
The owner's daughter, who has become the de facto manager in recent years, says they owed $167,000 in back taxes dating back to when the restaurant was cash only. They agreed on a plan to pay it back, but missed a payment when the shop was shut down by the Health Department a few months ago.
The owner's daughter says she was shocked when authorities came in Tuesday to seize the location.
There is currently no word from the state where the process goes from here, although the manager remains confident the payments will be sorted out and the shop will reopen soon.