'In the Heights' comes to Brooklyn

Struggling to snag tickets to the critically acclaimed Broadway musical "Hamilton?" A different Lin-Manuel Miranda musical is set to open in Brooklyn: "In the Heights."
The cast held a rehearsal Friday, the day before the play was set to open at the Gallery Players theater in Park Slope.
"In the Heights" closed on the Great White Way in 2011, but producer Jonathan King says the play's main issue of gentrification is still relevant, especially in Brooklyn. "I think that we all see the gentrification that happens daily in the city, especially in Brooklyn," says King. "It's happening at such a rapid pace."
The play centers around a bodega owner struggling with a universal question: Where is home?
That message resonates with the play's director, Michael Bello, whose Cuban grandparents raised his father in Washington Heights.
"Cuban, Puerto Rican -- whatever your heritage is -- I think there are specifics in the play that will immediately sort of take you back to those memories," says Bello.