Increase in crowds at Dyker Heights lights sparks concern

The growing crowds that come out to see the lights in Dyker Heights at Christmas time has sparked concern among residents and civic leaders.
Fran Vella-Marrone, of the Dyker Heights Civic Association, says people need to realize it's not an actual event like at a park. She says neighbors are just putting the lights up for people to view.
Two issues are traffic and people selling food from their homes or on the street.
The Dyker Heights Civic Association is now teaming up with the NYPD and other city agencies to crack down. Anyone who doesn't have a proper license to sell items could be hit with a fine.
Civic leaders are also advising homeowners who are asking for charity donations to register with the New York City Human Resource Administration.
"The people that live here, we're asking them to abide by certain rules and regulations and we're asking the people that come and visit here to please respect the community," says Vella-Marrone.
The community wants everyone to have a good time and be responsible.