Industry City's Gun Hill Publick House brews local beer and family fun this holiday

The Gun Hill Publick House in Industry City is making brews and family fun for New Yorkers this holiday.
The pub is a standalone taproom that's part of the Gun Hill Brewing Company in the Bronx.
"We have 12 tap lines. We have three of them that were brewed from the Bronx, and all of the rest of the nine were brewed right here," says John Burnett, general manager.
Burnett says Gun Hill prides itself on being locally sourced from top to bottom.
"Everything that we do here and everything that we carry here is going to be 100% New York state ingredients," Burnett says. "So whether it's the malts, the hops, every bit of it is 100% New York state."
Whether you're looking to try some new beers or maybe you're in search of a dog-friendly or family-friendly outing, Burnett says he has you covered.
"You can get a beer from here. You can go play pool down the hall. You can go play gigantic Jenga. You can go to Brooklyn game night," he adds.
Gun Hill is open seven days a week.