Investigators: 44-year-old man killed by younger brother with bowling ball in Concourse Village apartments

The NYPD is investigating a violent death that took place at the Concourse Village Apartments, where a 44-year-old man was found dead in a trash bag in his home.  
Law enforcement officials say that Timothy Dargan, 44, was allegedly killed by his younger brother, 41-year-old Jayson Dargan.  
Jayson Dargan was arrested for allegedly using a bowling ball to kill his brother before stuffing his brother’s body in a bag and leaving it under the bed.  
Investigators say that a neighbor noticed a foul smell coming from the sixth floor of the Washington House building where the brothers lived. The father of the two Dargan brothers was contacted by building management about the smell, and another of his sons phoned the police.  
People who live in the building say they are shocked about what took place.  
“This is a peaceful community and up until now…I haven’t heard anything about it,” said resident Anthony.  
Jayson Dargan has not been arraigned yet but is facing charges of murder and manslaughter.