Jacob Dangler building torn down, community in shock after trying to save it for months

Community members are still feeling strong emotions for the local landmark a week after the  Jacob Dangler mansion was demolished in Bed-Stuy.
“It brings tears to my eyes that the building is no longer there,” said Michael Williams, who has lived on the same block at the building since his childhood. “The memories I have in this building… it’s just awful.” 
For the last 60 years, the mansion was owned by the United Grand Chapter of the Order of the Easter Star, a masonic organization focused on providing scholarships to young Black women.  
Over the years it has served as a meeting place, dance hall and even a food bank for local Bed-Stuy residents.  
Community members spent the previous months trying to get the mansion landmark status with the Landmark Preservation Commission after the owners announced they were selling the property to avoid bankruptcy. 
The commission held a hearing where local politicians, organizations and community members testified in favor of preserving the building. However, the developer of the property, Tomar Erlich, was able to obtain a full demolition permit, giving him the right to tear the building down.  
News 12 has learned that while the contractor had a valid demolition permit, they did not have the additional permit to use the extractor to perform the demolition. Both the contractor and construction superintendent will now appear in front of a judge and could face penalties up to $160,000. 
The hearing for the contractor’s 7 total violations has been scheduled for Nov. 23.