Jewelry store owner fights for his life after brutal assault, robbery

A Brooklyn jeweler was brutally beaten and had over $100,000 in jewelry stolen from his Flatbush store. 
Manny Cohen, the 79-year-old store owner, is now in critical condition, and his son is begging people in the neighborhood to help him find whoever is responsible.  
“They were beating my father…they were beating him to death,” said Shawn Cohen. “They tried to hide him under the subfloor of the store.” 
Surveillance video shows the brutal attack, and Manny can be heard crying out as he is beat by the two suspects. The suspects then moved on to stuffing their jackets and bags with over $100,000 in jewelry.  
Shawn Cohen says his father is hospitalized with severe brain injuries, and that his store, Poxy Jewelry, is now closed.  
“The hospital doctors and nurses are trying to save him,” said Cohen. “We just need prayers.” 
Cohen says the inside of the store was destroyed, and the business that has been in the community for over 25 years now has its future in jeopardy, with no plan of when or if they will reopen.