Keeping your pets safe around the Thanksgiving table

With Thanksgiving Day around the corner, the Humane Society of New York spoke with News 12 to inform New Yorkers on how to keep their pets out of harm’s way on the holiday. 
The Humane Society of New York says it’s important to keep pets on their regular meal schedule and routine during Thanksgiving. 
“Even a little piece of anything that they’re not accustomed to can cause gastrointestinal issues,” said Dr. Ralph Gutierrez of the Humane Society of New York. “If you do want to share a piece of the turkey, I would recommend prepping it separately from the main dish that you’re preparing.” 
Gutierrez says that aromatics and seasonings like garlic and onions can cause a condition known as Heinz body anemia, and that turkey skin can cause pancreatitis in your pets due to the high fat content. 
He says that this type of care extends its way to the desserts as well, citing artificial sweeteners like xylitol and natural ingredients like raisins, chocolate, currants and nutmeg. 
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