Lack of crossing guard has P.S. 54 parents worried

Many parents at P.S. 54 say the school is plagued with problems, including the lack of a crossing guard.
Parents say the crossing guard at Decatur and 195th streets was reassigned in October. They say since then, children have been navigating the corner on their own.
?Kids are going to school crossing by themselves. They?re coming home crossing by themselves, so they have to look out for themselves because there?s no one here to look out for them,? said concerned parent Jeannine Jacobs.
Many parents say there is also a lack of security on school grounds. They say there is no one to supervise the students as they enter and leave the building.
The Department of Education says hiring crossing and security guards is a local issue between the school and local police precinct. The 52nd Precinct says it is looking into the parents? request for the crossing guard.