Lamont: State will focus on administering vaccine to younger population

Gov. Ned Lamont said Thursday the state will now focus on administering COVID-19 vaccines to younger residents.
Lamont pointed out that this time a year ago, Connecticut probably had an infection rate north of 30% with the seniors being the ones at the greatest risk.
Now with the majority of seniors vaccinated, he said that the state will deploy mobile vaccine units next week to college campuses to inoculate those ages 20 to 29. He invited 25-year-old state Sen. Will Haskell to encourage his peers to get the vaccine.
"Make sure you got a plan to get vaccinated when the clinics arrive on your college campuses or in your school district. And please, please, don't stop there. Doing your public duty, it requires going a little bit further. Text your friends, post on Instagram and TikTok if you're cooler than I am and know how to do that. Our generation desperately wants to return to normal life, but the only way that can happen is if we all do our part," Haskell pleaded.
"A lot of it is just peer support. Go get vaccinated, get out there on social media, tell people you did it, and tell them why you did it, talk about the experience, and tell them to tell their friends," Lamont added.
Lamont said more details will be coming about which colleges the mobile vans will be visiting.
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