Latest move in Bruckner Upzoning project has been struck down

Developers were looking at removing part of a local street in order to proceed with the Bruckner Upzoning project, but a local community board vote has shut the idea down.  
Meyers Street, which is a dead end street off of Tremont Avenue, was the road that developers were looking to close off a portion of. The portion isn’t used by traffic, but every board member voted in opposition.  
Applause filled the room at Community Board 10’s meeting held on Wednesday night as they turned away the proposal from Throgs Neck LLC, the developers behind the project.  
Residents have been divided over the plan that will bring a new 400-apartment housing development to the Throgs Neck neighborhood.  
The site, which is one of four, would’ve seen multistory structures for both residential and business use.