Lawmakers announce legislation that will protect transgender youth on National Coming Out Day

New York lawmakers and LGBTQ+ activists announced new legislation that will offer blanket protection for transgender youth across the nation.
Advocates and representatives joined together on Tuesday in Manhattan to make the announcement on the legislation, on National Coming Out Day. 
"That's what National Coming Out Day is about, that's what legislation is about," said Sen. Brad Hoylman. "If they are seeking gender-affirming care, and their local state or municipality has outlawed it, they can come to New York."
In Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, and Texas, there are active laws that restrict access to gender-affirming care for transgender youth, including penalties for parents seeking that care for their kids. 
Studies have shown that transgender youth with access to gender-affirming care, such as hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery, are at lower risk for depression and suicide than those who do not. 
The bill also protects the physicians who offer this care to transgender youths that come from outside of New York. 
Sen. Hoylman expects there to be pushback on the Senate floor when it comes to passing these bills but believes that likeminded lawmakers will rally and prioritize the well-being of our youth.