LBGTQ+ advocates say monkeypox initiative is falling short

Representatives from the National Coalition of STD Directors, state health officials, and LGBTQ+ advocates are calling on the White House for swifter action against monkeypox. 
While the White House is gearing up a team to address the monkeypox virus, health and LGBTQ+ advocates say it isn’t enough. 
“This outbreak continues to grow out of control,” said one advocate. “And many of us warned this would happen six weeks ago.” 
President Joe Biden announced on Monday that a team to lead the monkeypox response was being made. 
The executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors says more money should be designated, specifically for sexual health clinics, to fight the spread of monkeypox. 
“I think what's key is that doctors should have a high index of suspicion and should be aware to always rule out monkeypox,” said Dr. Jameela J. Yusuff, chief medical officer at University Hospital at Downstate. “Patients should also ask their health care provider to please make sure I don't have it and consider that." 
While the virus doesn’t only impact the LGBTQ+ community, they are the community most directly impacted, and Dr. Yusuff says she sees a lack of urgency in other communities to get educated, with too few vaccines available to protect all people.