Leandra Feliz reflects on losing her son Junior four years later

The cemetery and the courthouse are two places that Leandra Feliz has become all too familiar with since losing her son Junior four years ago.
“That’s how I have to live in this world,” said Feliz. “Those killers are in jail but they have family that can go to visit them in jail. And they can see them, and they’re still eating and breathing.”
Five Trinitarios gang members received life sentences in 2019 for their roles in the fatal stabbing captured on camera four years ago when 15-year-old Junior was mistaken for a rival gang member.
Those life sentences came less than a year after the incident took place, but the fight for justice for Junior continues. Eight more defendants have been waiting for their court appearance since the first trial ended around three years ago.
The suspected gang shot-callers, Diego Suero and Frederick Then, are accused of giving the orders that led to Junior’s death. Jury selection is currently underway for their case.