‘Lives are at risk’ – West Farms residents push for pedestrian safety measures

A rally took place among Bronx residents in West Farms on Monday, as they called on the city to address concerns on pedestrian safety.  
Magdamary Marcamo and many other residents say every time they cross intersections in their neighborhood, their lives are at risk. 
“It takes me at least 10 minutes to get across the street safely, and I’m not the only one,” said Marcamo.  
NYC Crashmappers has reported over 20 crashes within one block of two intersections along East Tremont Avenue, where it meets Devoe Avenue and Boston Road.  
They are asking the city for improvements to their streets, like extended crosswalk times, installing curb bumps, narrowing car lanes, and adding plantings that will reduce flooding at local bus stops. 
According to Bronx Community Board 6, a redesign project managed by the NYC Department of Design and Construction was funded back in 2008, and 14 years later, they say construction has yet to break ground, with no start date in place.