Local leaders address 'Kill Elected Officials' graffiti, recent car break-ins

A threatening message was found tagged on the side of a Bushwick building this past weekend, reading “Kill Elected Officials”.  A handful of cars in the area were also broken into, catching the attention of neighbors and local leaders.  
Assembly Member Maritza Davila held a news conference on Tuesday to address the issue after learning of the incident over the weekend.  
“We brought this community to a place of unity,” said Davila. “To have that type of messaging is not conducive to the community we live in.” 
Elected officials and local residents came together to denounce the graffiti and its message. 
“We need to denounce that, that is un-American,” said Rep. Nydia Velazquez. “Everyone has to come out, especially elected officials, Republicans and Democrats.” 
Neighbors spoke of quality-of-life issues around the neighborhood, such as crime and drunken behavior that spills over from some local businesses.
The NYPD confirmed that five vehicles were broken into, and that they are investigating both the car break-ins and the threatening graffiti.