Local leaders outraged over Capitol Hill siege call for Trump's removal from office

The unrest in Washington, D.C. took center stage during Mayor Bill de Blasio's daily address Thursday.
De Blasio addressed the controversy directly with some pointed words for President Donald Trump.
Wednesday's siege from angry protesters on the Capitol building are now fueling a firestorm of reaction from local officials and New Yorkers alike. Some are calling it an act of domestic terrorism. Local leaders are asking now asking the question, how could this have happen?
Millions of Americans watched in horror and disbelief as thousands of angry Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in an attempt to derail the certification of November's election. President-elect Joe Biden was officially confirmed early Thursday morning by members of Congress, some 14 hours after protesters first stormed their way into the halls of Congress.
Today, local leaders voiced their outage to the siege that left four people dead, a slew of injuries and multiple arrests. Many local leaders say Trump didn't do enough to defuse the situation before and after Capitol melee erupted. They're calling on Trump to be removed from power, many agreeing more needs to be done to protect our democracy from those seeking to destroy it.
Meanwhile, the FBI send out a tweet asking the public for information on identify the individuals who instigated the violence. Federal investigators say they are accepting tips and digital media depicting rioting or violence in and around the Capitol.
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