Local leaders want G train summer shutdown to bring more changes

At least 22 local lawmakers want the summer shutdown of the G train to result in more than a new signal system. 
Assemblywoman Emily Gallagher applauds the MTA for updating the signal system which the authority says is as old as the FDR era. Gallagher sees the six-week pause on services as an opportunity to also add more cars to the line and extend its service back to the Forrest Hills-71st Avenue station. 
"I know the signal change is necessary and I'm perfectly happy with the signal change, but I think it's important we're adding opportunities for riders," said Gallagher. 
Gallagher petitioned other state and city lawmakers to sign a letter to the MTA requesting those changes. The same day the letter was sent MTA Chair Janno Lieber was in Albany for a budget hearing.
Gallagher urged Lieber to act on her suggestions because of increasing ridership and residential growth. 
"The operations plan has to be done on the stats. You say the ridership growth and the housing growth warrants it. Those are going to be the criteria to figure out where to run more trains," said Lieber.
Gallagher says she would like to see the changes by 2025.