Local volunteer EMS workers, lawmakers push for more funding, better resources

Lawmakers are pushing for a policy to help volunteer EMS members get more funding and better resources.
Volunteers with the Bed-Stuy Volunteer Ambulance Corps say they have been very active during the initial stages of COVID-19.
Ayeronde Davis, the chief of staff at Bed-Stuy Volunteer Ambulance Corps, told News 12 they need more funding and resources, to keep training programs going and better respond to calls.
Edward Gorman, the chief of Department of the Bellrose Volunteer Rescue Squad, says many volunteer ambulance companies are in need of additional funding and resources.
Gorman is working with Sen. John Liu to come up with legislation that calls for local, state and federal funding to help volunteer ambulance companies.
Gorman told News 12 some volunteers were laid off from their jobs during the pandemic. 
They say by introducing legislation for more funding, they hope volunteer ambulance companies will have everything they need to really help their local communities.