'Love Like Larry' fundraiser in Bay Shore honors late softball coach

A special fundraiser to honor the life of a late softball coach brought dozens of people to the Bay Shore Little League field Saturday.
Larry Cinque Jr. died in January from COVID-19. He loved sports and began playing in school and then throughout adulthood played football, flag football, baseball and even played semi-pro for a short period.
The "Love Like Larry" foundation was created to continue his legacy, his love for football, the love he had for coaching softball and his generosity.
The foundation's mission is to give a football and softball player in the district a scholarship each year.
"Larry was the best person. He had the best personality. He was the person to be there to help anybody. He would give you the shirt off his back. Everybody was family, his brother and just an amazing person," said his widow, Danielle Cinque. "He was definitely a great coach. He made everyone smile and laugh and everyone was comfortable with him."
Organizers said that they will be holding multiple events throughout the year to raise money to provide financial support to the children in the community.