'Magda Love': Latina artist makes larger than life murals part of NYC landscape

Magdalena Marcenaro – better known as “Magda Love” – has been beautifying the streets of New York for over 20 years. 
Her murals are hard to miss – especially her mural in the West Village, which has earned the title of largest mural in New York City.  
“Being part of the everyday landscape, I just try to make it a little bit better,” says Love.  
Since moving from Argentina to New York more than two decades ago, one of Love’s goals has been to inspire children through art, which she’s done by partnering with schools across the city to create murals of their own.  
Love has been spending time in Florida to work on her upcoming solo show. She hasn’t forgotten her roots though – she says two new murals are likely to pop up in the city by the end of 2022.