Man recovering from head injury following punch at Prospect Park

Earlier this month, a man says he was punched in the head in Prospect Park while helping a woman do a back stretch. 
On July 6, Terrell Rogers says he met a stranger and was knocked to the ground by someone who swung at his head. 
Rogers says he was at the park heading home when he saw a woman in the grass who told him about ongoing health issues. 
He says he had his hand on her back when he was knocked to the ground. After he was hit, Rogers says he overheard a man and the woman yelling. 
The man allegedly said to Rogers and told him that if he had known the nature of his interaction with the woman was just for meditation, he never would have hit him. 
Photos of his injuries and CAT scans show swelling above the left temporal region of the brain. 
Rogers says this isn’t his first time getting assaulted – the first time occurred back in 2014, which left him with head injuries.  
The suspect in the July assault was arrested and arraigned this week.