Manhattan College, Bronx chef offer online cooking courses, kits

Manhattan College is teaming up with a local chef to change the way kids learn online.
The pandemic has forced so many things to go virtual, including the tutoring program for kindergarten through 12th-graders at Manhattan College.
The school knew that with everything online, students may feel burnt out. That’s how the idea for an online cooking class with Coqui the Chef was born.
"It is not just a cooking class, it has a little bit of everything, so I try to incorporate not only food, but music, culture," says Tania Lopez, CEO and founder and chef educator at Coqui the Chef.
Manhattan College paired up with Bronx chef Lopez to offer different course options.
"So the experience starts when you receive the package. You receive a paella kit, which comes with the pan, the rice, the olive oil and the paprika and the saffron. There is no excuse that you don't have the right ingredients for it,” says Lopez.
Parents buy any of the perishables and are also required to supervise the children and may learn a few tricks too.
"We just talk about the culture, we talk about the history, we talk about why the ingredients are so special and we also give a little class about how to use the knife,” says Lopez.
Sign up is available now on the Manhattan College website for the December class.
The fee is higher for the class that comes with a kit, but there is a cheaper option as well.