March honoring trans lives lost ahead of Day of Remembrance

Members from Destination Tomorrow and other LGBTQ+ activists marched from Harlem to the Bronx to honor the transgender lives lost this year.  
Transgender activists gathered in Roberto Clemente Plaza to honor Transgender Day of Remembrance on Friday night. A moment of silence was held as water was poured out in honor of the day. 
According to a report by the Human Rights Campaign, at least 32 transgender and gender non-conforming people have been killed in the U.S. this year. 
“Just because we’re transgender, does not mean we’re not human and do not bleed the same as you,” said Mimi Shelton, director of trans initiatives for Destination Tomorrow.  
Other issues such as adequate healthcare and policies that protect transgender individual rights were being rallied for during tonight’s march. 
Gov. Kathy Hochul issued an official proclamation celebrating Transgender Awareness Month, and landmarks across the state will light up in pink, light blue, and white this Sunday.