‘March to Remember’ honors COVID-19 victims, pushes for permanent memorials

Hundreds of New York residents and mourners from across the nation gathered at the Brooklyn Bridge to participate in the annual COVID March to Remember.
Many had yellow hearts and yellow shirts as a tribute to family members who lost their lives to the illness.
“It’s so important to remember those who were lost to COVID, their life meant something,” said activist Shyvonne Novoa. “We also are here for survivors and those who suffer from COVID-related issues.”
The Yellow Heart Organization also used this year’s march as an opportunity to call for a permanent memorial of the lives lost.
“We’re actually working with cities all over the nation as well to erect permanent memorials, we have already had six approved. And a couple of them are already up in some cities. That’s another mission we have is so that families have a permanent place to go and reflect on their loss, and they know that moving forward their loved ones are not going to be forgotten,” said founder Rosie Davis.