Marine Park residents frustrated with helicopters flying over community

A concerned Brooklyn resident called into News 12's Ask the Borough President Show about a heavy helicopter presence in her neighborhood.
Marine Park resident Patti Jakubauskas says her and other neighbors noticed dozens more helicopters in the area beginning around July.
"You literally have to stop your conversation to wait for them to go by," Jakubauskas says.
She believes the helicopters are chartered flights from companies like Uber and Blade, a charter helicopter company. She started documenting the times she sees the choppers and the paths they take.
A spokesperson from the Federal Aviation Administration tells News 12 that flight patterns around JFK Airport haven't changed.
Blade told News 12 that helicopter flights around JFK, as well as flights between Long Island and Manhattan, don't fly over Marine Park.
News 12 reached out to Uber for comment and are still waiting to hear back.
Jakubauskas and her neighbors say they just want the helicopters to stop.
"We're all hardworking people in this area," Jakubauskas says. "When we come home we like to enjoy our backyards and we don't think it's fair that it's happening and we weren't even told about it."