Masks still required at New York schools as state seeks response from CDC

Parents, students and teachers are receiving mixed messages on whether masks are still required at schools.
On Friday, New York State sent a letter saying that unless the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stepped in, they would not require students and teachers to wear masks in schools starting Monday. They said the decision to require masks or not would be left up to local districts.
The New York City Department of Education said it would be continuing to require masks in all public schools.
Catholic schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn say they would await further instructions or a clearer message from the state or CDC before making any changes.
The State Teachers Union also responded, saying that making an announcement on a Friday afternoon is way too fast of a turnaround.
The state says that its original letter was just a request to the CDC for updated guidance, and that no changes are happening yet as the CDC has not responded to the letter.
As of now, masks are still required in schools around the city.