Masks to be required in Rutgers University indoor teaching spaces, libraries for fall semester

Rutgers University has released COVID-19 and monkeypox health protocols for the fall semester.
Masks must be worn in all indoor teaching spaces, libraries and clinical settings. They are not mandatory at indoor events, such as basketball games and performances. Students and employees must also be fully vaccinated and boosted to be eligible. 
“I understand there are people want to wear a mask themselves or wear a KN95," said Rutgers senior Noam Hirschorn. "I respect and understand that, but I think it's an overreach to ask everyone to do it at this point.”
Proof of vaccine or a negative test must be shown before going into any indoor events. There are no restrictions on outdoor events.
“Classes could be over 100 people," added sophomore Lilian Agu. "But there could be thousands of people in these crowds. It’s inconsistent and doesn’t make sense.” 
The university also released its guidance on monkeypox in the same online document - not as strict as the COVID-19 protocols, but they are monitoring both. 
Gov. Murphy in a statement said it's "Rutgers call" for how they want to impose the guidelines.
"We said school districts that want to keep the vax and text in place can do that if they want," he said. "That’s in their rights and they played COVID really well I have to say. "