Mayor Adams addresses latest hurdle in housing migrants in NYC

Limited shelter stays and the ever-changing state of the migrant crisis have brought new hurdles to the forefront of the conversation, including housing migrants in faith centers.  
The offer to do so was made by a new coalition of faith leaders, and Adams says many are on board “but we have to pass the safety hurdle”.  
The city has already partnered with faith-based spaces for a smaller program in summer 2024, which will include 50 different spaces providing just under 1,000 beds.  
Adams says that getting those spaces up to standard for people to stay in overnight is proving to be a challenge, as many of the buildings in question need to pass codes and fire inspections to house people.  
The mayor has since proposed that the new group of leaders from these faith-based organizations hire out their own inspectors to vet the spaces and make sure they’re ready to go for the city.  
The 60-day shelter limit for families was set to expire next week, but has since been extended to January.