Mayor Adams: New bills will make child care 'more affordable, more accessible' for NYC families

Mayor Eric Adams announced Monday a package of bills aimed at making it easier for parents to find care for their children.
Adams says the seven bills he plans to sign come after COVID-19 severely impacted many working families across New York City. He says many families lost wages and child care while their cost of living increased.
The mayor says this package of bills will make getting child care easier for working parents by addressing the issue on several fronts.
Adams says one bill looks to drive child care prices down.
“This bill will establish a child care task force to study how to make child care more affordable, more accessible for families in the city and how to supply support and funding to child care,” he says.
Adams says the other bills will look to study and develop recommendations on how to support working parents, create a child care advisory board, create a three-year child care grant pilot program and develop a publicly accessible online portal to help parents find child care options close to them.
“The average parent when you ask them about where child care locations are, they struggle when identifying the right locations. We seek to change that,” Adams says. “Raising a family in the city shouldn't be hard and it should provide the support that's needed from our agencies that are part of an entire village that's needed when raising our children.”