Mayor Adams says new housing proposal would build 100,000 new homes across NYC

Mayor Eric Adams announced a new housing plan Thursday that he says would build 100,000 new homes across New York City.
Adams says the plan can be completed over the next 15 years as long as changes are made to the city's zoning laws.
The plan builds off of his City of Yes initiative. It comes as the city continues to face a housing crisis and many New Yorkers are struggling to stay afloat.
The mayor says his goal is to build “a little more housing in every neighborhood."
Some of the zoning changes he is proposing include allowing the construction of two- to four-story residences on top of commercial spaces. Another change would allow the construction of additional dwelling units on the properties of previously existing homes. An example would be a carriage house.
Another zoning change would eliminate the requirement that says new homes must come with new parking spaces.
New Yorkers say they will have to see it to believe it, because finding decent and affordable housing in this market has discouraged them.
"When they say affordable, affordable for who? Someone who makes $200,000 a year. I can't afford that. I can't move if I wanted to because I can't afford anything. There is nothing out here affordable," said Jackie, a resident of Flatbush.
The plan is expected to undergo a formal public review process. Then, it will be presented to every borough president, community board and the City Council for input. A vote will be eventually be scheduled for fall 2024.