Mayor Adams says New York City is back when it comes to employment, but is it?

Mayor Eric Adams recently declared that New York City is back. 
“We have recovered nearly 1 million private sector jobs – that's right,” he said in a recent announcement.       But is it? Jeanie Tung from the Henry Street Settlement – a social services nonprofit – says there’s 18% fewer jobs available than last year. She says the post-pandemic job boom is over.
“Definitely now we’re feeling that there’s not as many jobs, there’s a lot of competition for those jobs and certain sectors are shrinking,” Tung told News 12 New York. 
Manhattan resident Molique Lawson isn’t feeling that strain. He landed his gig as a New York City Housing Authority customer service rep a year ago and says he’s grateful to be working.    “A lot of my friends are having trouble now finding jobs, even in the careers that they chose to study in college. It’s harder because there’s more competition,” he told News 12 New York.    Besides the resources at the Henry Street Settlement, Tung says landing your next job is all about networking.    “Maybe you set a goal of two to three contacts a week, where you just reach out and say let’s have coffee, let’s have a Zoom call for 15 minutes, and you just check in to see how they’re doing, what it is that they’re up to and you also relay what you’re up to so there’s that connection,” she said.    If you need help finding a job, you can reach out to nonprofits like the Henry Street Settlement or you can check out city resources such as