Mayor Adams signs 5 new bills on lithium ion battery safety in NYC

New York City elected officials are further taking action to ensure fire tragedies related to lithium ion batteries do not happen.

News 12 Staff

Mar 20, 2023, 9:50 AM

Updated 481 days ago


Mayor Eric Adams signed five bills into law to improve battery safety Monday, continuing the fight to put out fires caused by lithium ion batteries across the city.
The move comes as over 25 fires throughout New York City have been started by lithium ion batteries this year alone.
The new package to be signed into law is comprised of five bills and will require e-bike batteries to be certified in order to be sold in the city. It will also prohibit the sale of reconditioned and refurbished batteries and require education on fire safety in relation to e-bikes.
The fire department would also need to develop an informational campaign to educate the public on fire risks caused by mobility devices. This would include print and social media advertisements.
Mayor Adams says the idea is not to ban e-bikes altogether or punish New Yorkers who rely on them to make a living.

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