Mayor considers closing parks if New Yorkers do not practice social distancing

New York City parks and playgrounds are still open, but the question for many residents is how much longer will they remain open?

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday the last thing he wants to do is close down the parks, but if people aren’t listening and continuing to gather in groups, he will not have a choice.
The goal of the city is to keep public spaces, like parks, open to give people a space to get fresh air and exercise, but officials continue to stress people shouldn’t be hanging out and that is something they say they’re still seeing.

“So, we'll have some warmer days coming up. We'll have a chance to see if people have gotten the message. We will be doing all the enforcement, but if by the end of Saturday, if it is not sufficiently clear that New Yorkers are following these new rules, at that point we'll be prepared to shut down playgrounds for the foreseeable future,” says Mayor de Blasio.
The mayor also mentioned the city will be experimenting with closing two streets in each borough to vehicles giving pedestrians more room to maintain social distance. They’re hoping to have that running by Thursday with details on what roads will be closed. 
Meanwhile, alternate side parking has been suspended for another week.