Mayor de Blasio: New York City's goal is to fully reopen July 1

Mayor Bill de Blasio said his goal is for New York City to fully reopen July 1.
He said the city will be ready for stores, business, offices and theaters to reopen in “full strength.”
The mayor said the key to reopening is to get all New Yorkers vaccinated over the next two months. He says he will continue to follow the data, which shows a deceasing number of COVID-19 cases in the city and an increase in the amount of people who are vaccinated.
"What we’re seeing is people have gotten vaccinated in extraordinary numbers," de Blasio said.
The mayor named restaurateur Danny Meyer as the chairman of the Board of the New York Economic Development Corporation as the city prepares to function in full force.
Meyer said the city's planned reopening in July will create much more jobs, especially in hospitality businesses.
The mayor says he expects that at least 400,000 jobs will be created this year.
Over 6 million vaccinations have been given in New York City so far.
The state does need to approve any plan before the city officially reopens.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a COVID-19 briefing in Buffalo that he wants the city opened up, but that it is a statewide management system. He added that he’s hopeful a reopening date is possible before July 1.