Mayor Eric Adams' meeting to discuss asylum seeker crisis to be rescheduled

Mayor Eric Adams' meeting at the nation's capital Thursday to discuss the asylum seeker crisis has been rescheduled.
Mayor Adams was traveling to Washington, D.C. to discuss the issue with other mayors and government officials. However, the mayor's office rescheduled Adams' arrival and he is traveling back to New York City.
Earlier this week, the city coordinated a tour of Floyd Bennett Field in Marine Park which is expected to house migrant families with children. The site features seven massive tents. While thought to be only temporary, it's a project that has already garnered pushback from advocacy groups like The Legal Aid Society and The Coalition for the Homeless.
“Placing families with children at Floyd Bennett Field is a recipe for disaster, and the facility falls woefully short of providing the accommodations that this vulnerable population needs and deserves,” said Adriene Holder, Chief Attorney of the Civil Practice at The Legal Aid Society.
The city has not expressed any intention to reverse their plan.