Mayor relaunches program for new youth jobs in Bronx, Brooklyn

A new pilot program in the Bronx aims to help increase enrollment and work to create more youth job opportunities.
Mayor Eric Adams today called for jobs that New Yorkers can build their lives around instead of hitting dead ends. The new job training regime has the goal to reinvigorate enrollment and reset for today's job needs.
Eligible students aged 16 to 24 can currently gain job training and opportunities at 121 Job Corps centers across the U.S. with two in New York City - one in the South Bronx and the other in Brooklyn.
Those two New York City campuses will now pilot a new program that the Department of Labor calls a student-centered delivery model. These federally run campuses will now place an emphasis on better partnerships for student education and opportunities locally.
The mayor said it's important to connect city agencies, job-seeking youth and training to tackle unemployment.
On Sept. 14, the Department of Labor will have an event inviting partners to learn about the program and those who may want to get involved with education and job training.