Mayor sets plan in motion to help asthma sufferers

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-NYC) has launched an environmental plan to help Bronx children suffering from asthma.
Children in areas of the city and the Bronx are hospitalized for asthma at nearly four times the national average. Bloomberg hopes to change that figure by planting a million trees, promoting the use of ?clean? vehicles and reducing auto congestion.Dr. Loganathan, an asthma specialist at Lincoln Hospital, says the mayor?s plan will go a long way in helping asthma sufferers. However, he says there are other factors. Loganathan say many Bronx residents show up at the hospital due to a lack of medical coverage.
Bloomberg?s goal is to cut carbon monoxide emissions by 30 percent by 2030. He says that would be the most dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases ever achieved by any American city.