Midwives at North Central Bronx Hospital deliver over 960 babies in 2020

The height of the coronavirus pandemic created struggles for families throughout the city, especially expecting mothers.
Midwives at North Central Bronx Hospital had to deal with the new challenges facing their patients.
One patient at the hospital, Amanda Rivera, had to deal with delivering a baby during a pandemic a year after losing her child.
“So I’m pregnant a year later and a year later, it’s COVID,” Rivera says. “So my biggest fear was catching COVID and God forbid losing my baby again.”
Rivera’s fears were eased by Director at North Central Bronx Hospital and midwife Denise Wharton.
“We tried to make sure they felt safe and well cared for,” Wharton says.
Rivera says her son’s heart rate dropped during her stay, and Wharton ensured her it was going to be OK.
But, midwives like Lynn Chapman say they are still haunted by the months that were so hard on New York City.
“Hearing the calls for ‘doctors state, anesthesia stat,’ to the ICU and to know someone was dying,” Chapman says.
Midwives tell News 12 that technology like fetal monitors helped them stay socially distanced while checking on patients. Top-line monitoring devices also allowed the midwives to check on the baby’s and mother’s hearts.
Throughout 2020, the midwives at North Central Bronx Hospital helped deliver over 960 babies and hope to continue their work.