Midwood residents attend meeting on plans for new charter school in neighborhood

Some Midwood residents are opposing plans for a new charter school in their neighborhood.
A meeting was held Monday to discuss plans for the school to take over the space previously occupied by a Jewish day school.
Officials from the East Midwood Jewish Center said the Jewish day school closed after its lease expired. Now, the center says it has made an agreement for the Urban Dove Team Charter School to move into the building on East 21st Street between Avenues K and L.
On its website, the Urban Dove Charter School says the program works as an "innovative school model to serve highly at-risk students."
Residents who oppose the school say they are worried about a disruption in their neighborhood and increased crime.
The executive director of the school says the school is a sports-focused team that aims to enroll students who have failed ninth grade.
The executive director says the purpose of the meeting is to clear up misconceptions about the school, saying students are not violent offenders, just those who struggle academically.