Missing Bronx man returns home safe for Thanksgiving

A missing Bronx man was reunited with his family for Thanksgiving.
Ibrihima Kaba, 57, suffers from memory loss due to a recent stroke. He went missing three days ago after leaving Bronx Care Hospital.
“When I was in the office, he just walked away and disappeared. We looked at the camera and saw he had just walked away. He has never done this before,” said Sire Kaba, his wife.
His wife spent the following days scouring the streets, visiting local precincts and homeless shelters in search of him.
On Wednesday, he was found at Lincoln Hospital.
Sire Kaba says she is relieved that her husband is safe.
"This is a wonderful Thanksgiving for me, finding my husband," she said.
Although he lost some weight while he was away, his wife says he is otherwise healthy and resting in their home in Longwood.