Mitzvah Tanks parade across NYC to bring light amid dark times in Israel-Hamas war

Those following the Israel-Hamas war are no stranger to seeing tanks involved in the ongoing destruction – but there’s a set of tanks parading around New York City aiming to bring light and positivity.  
The Mitzvah Tank Parade kicked off from Grand Army Plaza on Tuesday, where 30 “Mitzvah Tanks” took off.  
“Every army has their battle weaponry that they use, tanks, and the idea is we also need tanks in this fight, whenever it is against the entire darkness that's going on,” said Rabbi Moishe Schmukler. “But instead of using weapons that actually cause harm, we use weapons that actually bring light and goodness into the world." 
These tanks are asking New Yorkers to do an act of kindness – or as it’s known in Hebrew, a mitzvah. 
The tanks made their way across all five boroughs before settling in front of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan for a prayer rally.