'More Than Academics' documentary film follows students learning beyond school curriculum

A Bronx seventh grade teacher says she's defying the status quo with her new documentary film "More Than Academics."
"More Than Academics" officially premiered at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival on Sunday.
Filmmakers say the documentary follows middle school students on their journeys of stepping away from traditional school curriculum -- a system that the creator of the documentary say often prioritizes test scores over the wellbeing of students.
Deejinay Reed, a middle school teacher at the Future Leaders Institute Charter School, said her idea behind documentary was bred out of her frustration with typical school curriculum.
Reed said that when she began teaching her students about things like emotional intelligence, the importance of communication and maintaining healthy relationships at home, their desire to learn was reignited.
The documentary follows students from the Future Leaders Institute Charter School on their journey toward performing well inside the classroom and outside the classroom.
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