Morris Park mother reunites with daughter who was stuck in Ukraine

Jane Soroshenko has been trying to get her daughter Alexandra Shoroshenko visas into the United States, even applying for a humanitarian parole.

News 12 Staff

May 29, 2022, 5:58 PM

Updated 747 days ago


A Morris Park mother has been reunited with her daughter who was caught in war-torn Ukraine.
Jane Soroshenko had been trying to get her daughter Alexandra Shoroshenko visas into the United States. She even applied for a humanitarian parole.
Those methods failed, but the mother and daughter were still determined to find a way.
In April, they told News 12 they'd go through Mexico if their visa and humanitarian parole requests were denied, which they were.
Alexandra Shoroshenko's journey began in Romania. She then headed to Barcelona, Spain, and from there to Bogota, Colombia, and finally to to Mexico City.
"When we met in Mexico City, we already felt that it's, like, the last step," Jane Soroshenko said.
It was in Mexico where she stayed in a shelter with help from volunteers who provided them with much-needed items.
Throughout the journey, Alexandra Soroshenko wasn't alone. She had the company of her cat and a suitcase with only very few items.
Once they crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, they said they applied again for humanitarian parole and got it, but Alexandra Soroshenko doesn't have work authorization yet. When her humanitarian parole expires next April, she may have to return to Ukraine.
"But we don't know right now. And if it won't be possible, at the end it means that I need to go, but first of all nobody knows what will be in a year," Alexandra Soroshenko said.
The Shoroshenkos ultimate wish, however, is the the war back in their homeland ends soon.

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