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Morris Park residents near sinkhole hit with flooding during downpours

A brief but intense downpour Thursday afternoon left Morris Park residents living near a sinkhole dealing with severe flooding.

News 12 Staff

Jul 21, 2022, 9:51 PM

Updated 725 days ago


A brief but intense downpour Thursday afternoon left Morris Park residents living near a sinkhole dealing with severe flooding.
Many residents report having inches of rain and sewage inside their homes after storm drains appear to have been backed up.
Over a dozen homes in the area around the sinkhole that appeared on Monday on Radcliff Avenue are faced with flooding in their homes, working to manually drain out the water damage with buckets.
Residents say the water came in from the streets, and even through their toilets and bathtubs. The FDNY, NYPD and Department of Environmental Protection have all appeared at the scene to assist.
Many of those clearing the flood damage say that similar flooding came during Hurricane Ida in September 2021.
“Every time we get rain of 1 inch or more, all of our basements are flooded,” said Johnny, a resident of Morris Park. “I spent $6,000 to repair my basement and now I’m back in the hole.”
News 12 has reached out to the DEP to learn the cause of this flooding and is awaiting a response.  

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