Sunny Monday in New York City before midweek rain

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says it will be a mild start to the week with rain looming on Tuesday afternoon.
OVERNIGHT: Clear and cold. Lows down to 33. Feels like 30.
MONDAY: Mostly sunny and a bit milder. Highs near 49. Lows around 45.
TUESDAY - WEATHER TO WATCH: Showers likely after 3PM with steady rain possible at night. Highs up to 58. Lows hover in the 50s.
WEDNESDAY - WEATHER TO WATCH AM: Showers likely, especially in the morning. Otherwise, cloudy and warm. Highs surge to near 62. Lows then fall to 45.
THURSDAY: Dry for now in between messy storm systems. Mostly cloudy. Highs near 53. Lows down to 38.
FRIDAY - SATURDAY - WEATHER TO WATCH: few details are known at this time, but a storm system could strengthen near NYC or just offshore, providing a chance of some rain and maybe even some snowflakes mixed in. The strength and track of Tuesday/Wednesday's storm will help dictate what happens next weekend. More details by Wednesday.