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Mother claims 5-year-old with autism isn’t receiving proper specialized instruction

A Bronx mother of a kindergartner with special needs is voicing concerns for her child to be put in the right classroom setting.

News 12 Staff

Dec 30, 2020, 11:29 PM

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A Bronx mother of a kindergartner with special needs is voicing concerns for her child to be put in the right classroom setting. 
Eileen Irizzary Ramirez claims her son’s school isn’t giving him what he needs to progress as a special-needs student. She says her son has autism and isn’t receiving the proper specialized instruction that’s needed for his disability. 
“I need him to have an equal playing field. I didn't think I had to fight the DOE to give him what he deserves,” said Ramirez. 
Ramirez says she has been in an ongoing struggle with PS 168X since the beginning of the school year to get her son placed in the proper classroom setting that’s appropriate for his individualized educational plan, or IEP. 
She says the series of problems started with her son’s initial teacher, who Ramirez claims was essentially a gym teacher. 
Ramirez claims the instruction was inadequate. 
“You are giving me not one but two teachers and the aid who are telling me they are not qualified,” said Ramirez. 
She says after discussing her concerns, she and the school had agreed to place her son in blended learning--but that has yet to happen because shortly after the elementary school went fully remote due to COVID cases.
Ramirez says her son was again placed in a virtual class that didn’t fit his special needs. She says the number of students in the virtual class was also concerning. 
“A child with a lower-class setting would have more children with severe emotional problems, there would be more outbursts,” said Ramirez. 
The city’s Department of Education released a statement saying, “ Every student deserves access to a high-quality education that meets their needs, and PS 168 will work with this family to place their child in the appropriate class setting. The District 75 Superintendent's office will provide any necessary support and resources to make this happen as soon as possible."
The DOE added that the student was in a class with a licensed education teacher. 
Ramirez is scheduled to meet with the school principal when the building reopens to get her son placed in the proper blended learning environment.

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