Mothers up in arms against housing facility for critically ill former Rikers inmates and homeless

The Bruckner rezoning proposal was approved by the City Council on Wednesday and has been making waves in the Morris Park community, but some mothers are outraged at a different housing facility proposal.  
The project in question would convert an existing building on the Jacobi Hospital campus to create over 70 apartments that would house critically ill ex-Rikers inmates and have a section for affordable housing for the homeless. 
News 12’s Julio Avila spoke to some mothers from the community gathered inside a catering hall on Wednesday to share their concerns about the proposal. They say their main concerns are impact on quality of life and safety.  
"You're putting this in our neighborhood… you're putting us in danger,” said one concerned Morris Park mother. “So we have a right to be upset, you have a right to be irate, you have a right to say no."  
The future of this project is uncertain and still needs approval from City Council before it begins.