MTA bus driver claims he was assaulted while working

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driver claims he was assaulted while working.
Alan Brown, 54, says he was about to leave Terminal 5 at JFK Airport Saturday night when he claims a passenger hit the side of the B15 bus he was driving—demanding to get on.
When Brown says he let the man on, he says the passenger proceeded to spit over the partition at him and then dragged him off the bus. He says this caused Brown to twist his ankle in the process.
Many MTA bus drivers rallied for Brown on Friday, claiming that violence has become an everyday occurrence.
They say they believe the MTA needs to do more to protect its drivers. The local 100 Transit Workers Union also says drivers receive no training on how to deal with situations like these and that if they fight back, they are penalized.
Brown says the incident has made him nervous to drive a bus again and that he is working with Port Authority police to try and track down the suspect.
In a statement, the MTA said, "This was a dehumanizing attack against our operator. There are clear protocols in place designed to keep our employees safe and the MTA has been working closely with law enforcement and union leadership on ways to further enhance safety. We stand ready to provide the police with any assistance necessary to help bring this perpetrator to justice.”